i swear i’m not slacking…

The second half of chapter 12 will be coming tomorrow or Wednesday.  I’ve been too critical/perfectionist and time has been passing too fast.

And I have been engaging in the following activities:

*Hanging out in Clark Park with Janelle and Greta.  We are now well acquainted with the neighborhood dogs.  An amorous white French Bulldog tried to slip me the tongue today.  FRESH!

*Camping with my family (Dylan, the parents, my grandparents).  My belongings still smell like smoke, creating a constant craving for faux jerky.

*Visiting Brad in DC.  We drank a whole bottle of bourbon, ate some great Ethiopian food (I tried honey wine for the first time), saw a bunch of art (great Eggleston show at the Corcoran).  And we walked until my Swedish shoes turned my feet into chorizo.

*Watching Heroes.  Shame, shame.

*Throwing a family BBQ in honor of my cousin’s completion of Basic Training.  And every single one of my relatives asked, “Why don’t you have a boyfriend?”  Um, because I’m secretly dating Janelle.  Or I’m too set in my ways for compromise.  My standards are too high.  I pine away for impossible situations.  And so on…

More real content this week, I promise!!!


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