a day at the beach.

Rachel requested more personal content…so here goes…On Saturday, I went to Ocean City, NJ (the best Jersey shore town) with Dylan, Janelle, Marlyn, Anna, and Mallory.  I ate banana whip not once, but twice (for breakfast and dinner).  For those of you who have not experienced the bliss of banana whip, it is a frozen, vegan ice cream-ish taste sensation made from frozen bananas…and available at the Bashful Banana (an awesome vegetarian/vegan friendly cafe on the Ocean City boardwalk).


Note the dead, washed-up mussels covering the beach in the background. Our towels and beach blankets still smelled like rotting marine animals when we got home.


She spent hours digging this hole. Occasionally really small children would drop by to take a dip in it.







One thought on “a day at the beach.

  1. Rachel says:

    thanks amanda! i’ve been wanting to make frozen banana “ice cream” for awhile now but lack a blender or food processor. turns out they’re yummy just defrosted too.

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