mission accomplished. or whatever.

mt3-polaHey, everyone!  Yeah, I’m pretty ashamed that my last post was on OCTOBER 19! On the other hand, in the last two weeks, I have moved to a new neighborhood (in Philadelphia), painted/cleaned my old house (“The Ranch”), unpacked most of my ridiculous collection of clothes, fringe, and feathers, AND traveled to Portland for a whirlwind Halloween weekend.  And oh yeah, I’m working on this trip to Argentina (in three weeks).

But now I’m settled.  And I’ve managed to remove most of the white paint from under my fingernails.   The glut of dull menial labor in my life has allowed me to mentally write a few scintillating posts.  That means new content THIS WEEK!  I promise to take some time out from refreshing my Spanish skills and fretting about what to pack for my trip to the “Paris of the South (America)”.    Meanwhile, if you’re feeling bored, perhaps you could help me find/hang some curtains in my new bedroom?


One thought on “mission accomplished. or whatever.

  1. scrambler says:

    I have noticed apiaries in Mendoza. A coincidence?

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