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family circus.

A photo essay by Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello, entitled “Mommy Dearest.”
Hitchcock meets pink lipstick meets big hair.
Inspiration for everyone’s holiday family photo, no?







the craziest lift he had ever seen.

I have to say: I’m kind of depresso this week. It’s rare that I will admit something like this. This whole cracked rib situation (hereafter known as “McRib”), coupled with raging hormones, and just general work stress is wearing on me. And then it’s just constant bad news on NPR and all of the internet news I use to torture myself. Where is the silver lining? Usually yoga cures everything that ails me, but it’s not really an option with the McRib (but I’m going to give it a try tomorrow).

I’m forced to pursue other outlets: listening to mixtapes (helpful), drinking champagne after work (while I’m washing dishes), smoking cigarettes…I’m open to any other suggestions you might have.
Anyway…while perusing British Vogue today, I found this awesome spread inspired by Roald Dahl (Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, James & the Giant Peach), photographed by Tim Walker. The fantastical nature of it is a welcome relief from the calls for austerity and economy found in every other media outlet right now.

socialism chic.

If you believe the Republican misinformation machine, all of my fellow Obama supporters are socialists. Or at least, we’re down for the allegedly socialist “redistribution of wealth.”
This week the Victoria and Albert Museum (London) begins a new show “Beyond Espionage: Fashion under Socialism.” Using footage from newsreels and documentaries from Czechoslavakia and East Germany, these program analyzes the role of fashion as Eastern Blog propaganda tool.

From the article/interview on Dazed Digital :

“there was a difference between ‘official’ fashion and what was worn by the people on a daily basis. The ‘official’ fashion was heavily ideologised. The term ‘fashion’ itself was rejected as a wasteful phenomenon of Western capitalism. In the Eastern Bloc, the concept ‘clothing culture’ became important.”
“You could say fashion – or rather clothing culture, as Renate says – was used to really drum socialism home. Fashion, as well as other areas of design, architecture and of course fine art were all embraced as important media of the Cold War propaganda. The key message in the post-war era, throughout the 1950s and spilling into the 1960s, was to promote a culture that offered civilian, everyday, no-nonsense clothes for the working man or woman, rationalised and standardised, rejecting ‘Western’ notions of luxury, glamour and extravagance.”

I can’t help but think that this is the perfect time to reject the idea of luxury items like non-functional, hard-to-wear haute couture…

almost halloween…

Janelle and I are doing that matching costumes couple thing. But not in the biblical sense, perverto.

Originally we were going to be creepy twins (maybe a stretch, but we do kind of look like sisters).

A really long visit to the Thrift Fair resulted in a new costume direction…and now I’m somehow dressing as the same character as last year…since I gave away the dress and I can’t find the oh-so-important red cape (hidden somewhere in moving boxes), I have to reinterpret/revisit the entire concept. Don’t worry…a replacement cape has been found.
Copious Flickr research has indicated that a red-and-white dress is not truly required.
P.S. We are celebrating Halloween south of the Mason-Dixon Line.


There’s been some uproar about this poster on Salon regarding the sexual content of this poster (ie, is it just using women as sex objects in an attempt to promote the Democratic cause?). I tend to disagree, since the real point if this poster is pretty obvious: Sarah Palin is not a feminist. She doesn’t care about equal pay, abortion rights, and universal access to quality women’s health care.

This was inspired by the iconic anti-draft poster photographed by Larry Gates in the 60s, featuring Joan Baez and her sisters.

P.S. I refuse to sleep with any fellows that vote for McCain.

halloween is my favorite holiday.

Costumes + candy + fall weather + parties = the best day ever.
I can even forgive the lame girls wearing “Sexy Rainbow Brite” and “Sexy Milkmaid” costumes. I mean, if it makes them feel fun and they don’t mind some frostbite downstairs, then more power to them.
Janelle and I are spending Halloween weekend in Virginia. We are sort of working on coordinating costumes, but we’ve been pretty slow at pulling it together.
If I had the time/money, I would have no less than five costumes.

This is one motivated couple…imagine chasing down all that green clothing! And the accessories/masks are obviously hand made. I’m not sure if they planned to coordinate with the orange chair, but it worked out well in the end. I hope these two got married and had no less than three kids.

So this is my backup costume idea…essentially, I will dress as this kid that is dressed as a skeleton. I’m pretty good at looking pissy, so this shouldn’t be too hard to pull off. I even want the flowered trick or treat bag (clearly mom’s beach bag).

I just really love olde time outer space gear.

Are these boys dressed as bats? Because bats are REALLY cute in real life, and I’m glad that someone else can appreciate this.

I still love the original Nintendo system and games.

I like the idea of a really ridiculous, virtually unwearable mask coupled with clothes from Banana Republic. Somehow that’s just extra funny and awesome…

I’m not saying that I like to see animals in costume…but well, just look at this picture. I’m sure you have never seen anything better. If you don’t have an army of collies at your house, perhaps you and your friends could do this? I’m really into the idea of team costumes…like “Fundamentalist Polygamy” and “Happy Meal.”

…or murderous monsters. This is probably only super cute and mega awesome if you and your friends are under 12.

cowboy kate.

When photographer Sam Haskins first published his book Cowboy Kate & Other Stories in 1964, it was groundbreaking…thanks to his skilled use of the black and white medium and the subtly erotic peekaboo nudity. I’m still blown away by the cinematic storytelling and the model’s innocent beauty.

Recently this book was re-issued with digitally restored plates and new, previously unreleased photos. While the original has been sold out for decades (selling for crazy prices on the rare book circuit), the reissue is totally affordable and available on Amazon…so I might add this to my Christmas wish list. I’m trying to imagine my mom wrapping this up for me…and suddenly I’m rethinking the idea because it might confuse her. Why is her 31 year-old daughter interested in naked girl photos? Hmmm….I might have to buy this for myself.

Some of my favorite shots below…