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20 stories about 1 person: part five.

I took a short vacation to cheer myself up.  It worked.  Except then all of the air travel of the past month finally caught up with me when my eardrum burst on the descent into LAX.   It was the strangest mixture of pain and relief.  So I’m operating on a mixture of antibiotics, painkillers, and decongestants.  That’s why you only get one story today.  But it’s long!  The final two stories coming tomorrow or Friday. xoxo



The voicemail was clear.

Well, I have to say that sending me more than a hundred postcards is a pretty grand gesture.  But honestly, if we’re going to patch this up on any level, the gesture has to be grander.  Let me know when you’ve booked a flight.

I sold a bunch of clothes and books that I mostly didn’t need to pay for another ticket to Chicago.  Of course I wasn’t expecting Patrick to meet me at the airport.  But I couldn’t help but suspect that he made me wait on the stoop a few moments longer after I rang the buzzer.   And his hug was very stiff.  He had prepared slightly for my visit.  There was whiskey.  There was a stack of DVDs to work through.  But it wasn’t the same. Maybe he knew that I hadn’t really sacrificed anything too important to make this trip.

I have to work the next few days so you’re going to have to entertain yourself. Of course he didn’t take any time off of work.  I think you should go down to Wicker Park while you’re here.

I shook my head.  No, no, no.

He was not pleased.  You say that you don’t want to spend the rest of your life being an asshole.  This is part of that…of getting your head into a better place. Continue reading

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