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facts: the other part.

So delayed because I’ve been so busy editing the next issue of Sandy…Read part one here.

I jumped off the train at the next stop, practically running to the bookstore to buy a copy of The World Almanac.  My research had to begin instantly.  At home, giddy with excitement, I began my to-do list:


–buy drugs.

–learn more about Canada.

–get rid of furniture and other worldly belongings.

–give notice on apartment.

–give notice at work.

–find home for cat.

–buy plane ticket to Toronto (for authenticity).

–have going away party.


After months, no…years of comfortable boredom I felt downright electrified.  Finally, a project I could feel passionate about!  I spent the evening reading my almanac in a hot bath until long after my skin had turned pruney.

The next day I hinted to the office gossip that a good opportunity came up last night.  And this was particularly good because I had been wanting some sort of big change.

I sent a text to a good friend that said Do we know anyone that lives in Toronto because I’m interviewing for a job there?

I gave my notice at work the next week.  I’m going to be writing for an up-and-coming music magazine.  I can’t give many details yet. I wrote a letter to my landlord, requesting to end my lease early.  I’ve received a  ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity. I researched the process for obtaining a Canadian work visa (employer sponsorship was key) and average salaries for writers in the Toronto metro area (surprisingly in-line with my current job).  I’m not going to be rich there, but I’ll get by just fine.  I was prepared to answer every question.  Occasionally I would feign ignorance, like when my downstairs neighbor (aka my drug source) asked me about how the socialized health care worked.  I’m not so sure about that but I hope it doesn’t involve long lines.  And here’s hoping it covers those cheek implants I’ve always wanted.  It was best to not appear to be too knowledgable.  Because that would raise eyebrows.

Everything was moving right along.  I congratulated myself on my brilliant planning and organization.

But I was feeling strange things. Continue reading

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